Nikolas stands dumbfounded as he watches his mother finish her story. His gaze goes from his Uncle to his mother not sure who to focus on.
LA:'So, now you see why I had to fake my death. I had no choice Nikolas, your grandmother had left Greece. I feared for my family. "
Nikolas looks at her disbelieving"So, why did you come back now? Grandmother is still missing."
Laura turns to Stefan, who has remained quiet through her explaination. Coking an eyebrow at him "Would you like to tell him or should I?'
Nikolas watches the silent conversation passing between his Uncle's and mother's eyes and feel's his anger begin to take over."ENOUGH! Someone tell me the truth for once!"
Stefan takes a breath and puts his hands on Nikolas shoulder's."You knwo that I love you. Everything I do is because of you. "
Nikolas looks into his Uncle's eyes and feel's his stomach turn. He has seen this look before, it always precede's another betrayel, another secret. NI:"Yes, what Uncle? What is it now?"
Stefan releases Nikolas and begins to pace. "Something happened on the night of your mother's funeral that I wasn't completely forward with you about."
At the mention of laura's funeral both Cassadine's shoot laura a glare and she flashes an apologetic smile to Nikolas and a glare back to Stefan.
LA:'What you Uncle is trying to tell you"
Stefan cuts her off"NO! I will tell him! You have done enough harm to him."
LA:'Me? What do you think your secret will do to him?"
Nikolas let's out a scream of frustration and they both turn to look at him with looks of shock over their faces.
NI:'For the love of all things holy tell me !!! I don't care who tell's me, but out with it already!!"
Stefan and Laura exchange glances.
ST:'Nikolas, your mother returned to clear Luke Spencer's name for shooting Katherine." Nikolas starts to laugh and they watch him not knowing what to say.
NIK:"Is that all? I figured as much. We all know she didn't return to set the my mind at ease."
Laura places her hand on Nikolas shoulder and he brushes her away.
NIK:'No! Not this time. I placed Daisey's on my mother's grave. She is dead as far as i'm concerned."
Laura starts to cry and Nikolas eyes her with a cold hatred."You must keep kleenex in business with all those useless tears. You left me, not once, not even twice, no three times! Well, as they say is your country, third time's the charm, you finally got it right!"
Stefan watches his nephew with his cold rebuff to his mother and feel's a knot form in the pit of his stomach. He knows the anger will be passed on to him once his secret is out. Laura turns and faces Stefan .
LA:'Go on, he's all your's now! tell him Stefan! Tell him your secret!"
Nikolas turns from his mother and faces his Uncle."Their is more?"
ST:'Nikolas, allow me to explain."
NIK:'Uncle, i'm lost on patience this evening. Get to the point."
ST:'Luke Spencer didn't shoot Katherine Bell."
Nik:"How do you know this?'
ST:'I shot her Nikolas! It was an accident."
Before Stefan can finish Nikolas cuts him off."WHAT?! I don't want your explainations. I can't take this anymore! Is this a sick game the two of you play? Instead of playing chess , you two try and see who will make Nikolas snap first?? Congratulations! You both win!"
Nikolas takes off running from the house and Stefan goes to follow him. Laura stops him."Let him go, he needs time!"
St"What do you know about his needs?"
Stefan brushes past her and runs outside, he reaches the docks intime to see the ferry take off.
ST:'Dammitt! NIKOLAS!!!!"
Nikolas exits the ferry and takes off jogging. He hears his uncle's and mother's words echoing in his head. He runs fast and hard, but nothing can clear his head of the voices. He turns down a street and passes Mac Scorpio's house. the garage is open and his eyes fall on Mac's shotgun, you know the one that he had set on Kevin on Jasmine island? Anyway, Nikolas smiles and runs intot he garage and retrieve's the gun. he tucks it under his arm and goes back to jogging. He has no destination in mind,but find himself almost to general hospital when he runs into felicia.
Felica looks at the gun under his arm"What are you doing with mac's gun?"
Nikolas nervously looks around and makes a hasty decision. He grabs Felcia by the arm and starts to drag her towards the back exit of the Hopsital.
FEL:'Stop it! let go of me."
Nikolas turns her towards him"HUSH! I won't hurt you, just come quietly."
FEL:"That's what they all say. No way bucko, been their done that, have the t-shirt. Let me go or I scream."
Nikolas gives her a karate chop to her neck and watches her fall down on the ground unconcious. "Great, like I need this?"
He throws her over his shoulder and begins to climb up the fire escape and reaches the roof of the Hospital. He pulls a string from his running jacket and uses it to tie up Felicia's hands and then leaves her laying on the ground. He starts to pace and curses when he see's Tom hardy calling up to him.
TH:'Cassadine! Get off of that roof!"
NIkolas whispers to himself"Why must he put his nose in my business? He's always in the Cassadine business."
Tom curses to himself and dials some number's. Soon Stefan, Laura most of the prominate member's of Port-Charles community and the police dept. are all surronded around TOM.
Tom turns to mac"I think he's lost it?"
MAC:'What was your first cvlue? His being on the roof or havuing my gun?"
Stefan interjects"HOw was he able to retrieve your gun? How inept is the PCPD?"
MAC:'Oh save it, what is this the six, seventh time you've lost him?"
Laura yells up to Nikolas"NIKOLAS! PLEASE COME DOWN !"
Nikolas ignores her and starts to survey the situation. felicia comes tyo and jumps up and runs to the edge"TOM!! MAC!! HELP!!"
Nikolas curses to himself and turns to Felicia"Will you shut up?!"
FE:"Let me go!! "
N:"I can't. I need you here."
FE:'Why did you take me?"
Nikolas shrugs"I don't know really, it was like I was drawn to you. You remind me of someone."
Fe:"NOt your mother!! Please tell me it's not your mother!"
Nikolas thinsk for a moment."HMM Yes, maybe that's it."
FE:'Must I look like every Port-Charle's pyscho's mother?'
Nikolas ignores her as he see's hear's his Uncles voice.
FE:"Make haste?"
Mac steps to the front"What do you want Nikolas?"
Nikolas ponder's this for a moment. "TO START OFF WITH A TV AND A STEREO! CD'S AND A NINTENDO 64! WITH GAMES!'
Everyone turns to Stefan who shrugs"Those things are beneath him."
Luke approaches"For god's sake bubba, shoot him."
mA:'I can't , he has my good gun."
Kevin enter's"I remember that gun. Perhaps I should talk to him."
TOM:'From one psycho to another."
KEV:'Go back to Africa Tommy boy! And shave those side burns, who are you Elvis?"
MAC:'Kev, give it a try."
KEV:'Nikolas, I understand you're angry. Why don't you tell me about it."
Nikolas starts to laugh and turns to Felicia"Is he trying to councel me?"
FEL:"Yeah, but he's looney too."
Nikolas starts to wildly shoot into the crowd and manages to take out Tom, Keesha and Aj.
Alexis turns to Ned"My, he does know how to get rid of dead weight now doesn't he?'
NED:"I'm impressed. He really doesn't have a TV?"
Nikolas ponder's and smiles"No more secret's or betrayels! I get to paint the walls in Wyndemere white, and you start to incorperate color in your wardrobe. One more thing..I get a car. "
ST:'Fine, now come down here.!"
LA:'Nikolas, what do I have to do ?"
NIK:"I get to see my sister once a week, you don't abandon me anymore and you bake me cookies every week."
LA:'Fine. Anything come down."
Nikolas turns to Felicia"Anything you want?"
FE:'Yeah, I want a law that say's anyone who kidnaps me or stalks me from this point on moves to Salem for three years."
NIK:"You heard her."
Everyone in the crowd starts to shudder just thinking about it.
MAC:'Fine it's done."
Nikolas unties Felicia and they head down tot he crowd.
FEL:'Thanks for taking care of Tom for me."
NIK:'No problem."
Stefan embraces Nikolas and then grabs him by the ear.
ST:'I've had it with these temper tantrums of yours! You remember Moscow? You nearly demolished an entire market!"
NIK:'Uncle please.."
Mac and the crowd watches as Stefan hauls Nikolas to the limo.
LUKE:'Ain't you going to arrest him?"
MAC:'No harm done, beside's aresting him would be doing him a favor. I have a feeling that kid is going to be really sorry. You ever listen to his Uncle talk when he get's angry! Lecture city."
The crowd disperses and everything is right and well again with Port-Charles.